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Acute pain

Acute pain can have a sudden or slow onset with an intensity ranging from mild to severe. It can happen after a medical procedure, surgery, trauma or acute illness. It has a duration of less than 6 months.

Chronic pain

For pain to be classified as chronic, the patient needs to be experiencing it for more than 6 months. Its intensity can range from mild to extremely incapacitating. In some cases, chronic pain can restrict a patient’s ability to perform his Activities of Daily Living and this usually ends up with feelings of despair.

Possibly evidenced by
-Patient’s report of pain
-Guarded and protective behavior
-Loss of appetite
-Inability to perform Activities of Daily Living
-Narrowed focus
-Autonomic responses
-Changes in muscle tone
-Expressive behavior (restlessness, crying, moaning)
-Facial mask of pain
-Sleep disturbance

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Pain is one of the most common reasons why patients see their doctors. And despite the advances in technology and methods to relieve it, a lot of patients still experience undertreatment.

One of the most powerful tools in treating neuropathic pain is the spinal cord stimulator, which delivers tiny amounts of electrical energy directly onto the spine.

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